…All motor vehicles using University parking facilities during fall semester, spring semester, and summer sessions must have a permanent decal or temporary permit.

…A vehicle that does not have a parking permit (decal) is not allowed to park on the main campus (this includes all employees, undergraduate students, graduate students, continuing education students, distant learning students, etc).


The rules and regulations contained in this booklet have been reviewed and approved by the university Traffic and Parking committees. These regulations have been developed with the goal of achieving a safer and more efficient utilization of the available parking spaces as well as a safer and more orderly control of vehicular traffic on campus.

General Provisions

  • The motor vehicle regulations set forth herein are applicable to all persons operating or parking a motor vehicle on properties of South Carolina State University. University traffic rules shall be enforced on all university roads and grounds at all times of the day and night throughout the calendar year. The University Police Department is authorized and empowered to enforce these motor vehicle regulations and provide for the safety of persons on university property.
  • The university does not assume any responsibility for motor vehicles or their contents while they are operated or parked on university property.
  • University parking or traffic citations shall be treated as minor infractions of university regulations and posses the right of appeal. Any person who operates a motor vehicle on campus shall be deemed to have consented to, thereby, have his or her appeal adjudicated through the internal appeals process of the University. The right of such appeal does not apply to any state uniform traffic citation.
  • Copies of the Parking Rules And Regulations and schedules of fees for parking decals, permits, and the availability of reserved parking spaces are available from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office at Poplar Hall (behind Mays I Hall). Payments are made at the Cashier’s Office (Crawford-Zimmerman Complex). Absolutely no refunds under any circumstance.

Vehicle Registration

  • Use of a motor vehicle on SCSU property is a privilege, not a right, and is made available only under the University Parking Rules and Regulations currently in effect.
  • All motor vehicles using university parking facilities must have a permanent decal or temporary permit (vendors and contractors must comply). Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space in the immediate area in which you wish to park.
  • Registration of vehicles is to be completed at the beginning of each semester or summer session and within five (5) days after the date of employment for new faculty or staff.
  • Freshmen residing off campus are allowed to have cars. Only freshmen 21 years old and older that reside on campus are allowed to have cars.

Parking Decals

Permit Type Fall Spring Summer
(if you begin School or Work) $66
(to include Grad/Evening) $66
(to include grad/evening) Handicapped (Requires medical Verification) $66
Regular Faculty/Staff $90
Reserved Faculty/Staff $132

Temporary Parking Permit 1st day Free

after 1st day $3.00 per day

Parking Violations
Regular Fines $25

Handicapped Fines $125

Important:  A vehicle that does not have a parking permit (decal) is not allowed to park on the main campus (this includes all employees, undergraduate students, graduate students, continuing education students, distant learning students, etc).

Information is available in the University’s Parking Rules and Regulations Manual which can be obtained at the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office, The University Police Department, Cashier’s Office and Student Government Association Office. Towing is strictly enforced.

Examples of Vehicle Registration Decal Violations

  • Any registration obtained through falsehood or misrepresentation.
  • Failure to affix decal to the front windshield, passenger side, lower corner of your vehicle or display a hanging permit in accordance with instructions.
  • Failure to remove all paper protecting the decal adhesive when the decal is affixed to the windshield.
  • Failure to register a vehicle.

Parking Regulations

  1. Visitor Parking: Visitors must obtain a parking permit from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office (Information Booth II) or the University Police Department after normal business hours. Visitors must park in spaces marked “Visitor”.
  2. Handicapped Parking Spaces: Any student, faculty, or staff member with a physical disability may apply to the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office or the University Police Department for consideration in obtaining special parking privileges.
  3. Vehicles shall be parked only in spaces marked for parking. The absence of “No Parking” signs does not mean that parking is allowed.
  4. Vehicles must be parked within the identifiable boundaries. Parking on or over the line is prohibited. Such vehicles will be ticketed and towed.
  5. Double-parking is prohibited at all times.
  6. Vehicles shall not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, wheelchair ramps, interfere with normal operational activities, or create a hazard. Vehicles so parked will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  7. Parking on grass, sidewalks, loading zones, or on roadways (except where specifically marked for parking) is prohibited.
  8. The fact that a person parks in an unauthorized space or area and does not receive a citation does not mean that the regulation is no longer in effect.
  9. Owners of currently registered vehicles with affixed decals which are temporarily out of service may obtain a substitute temporary parking permit from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office during normal business hours or the University Police Department after hours and on weekends at no cost.
  10. Any vehicle parked on campus is parked at the risk of the owner.
  11. Overnight parking of any vehicle is prohibited unless special permission is granted by the University Police Department.
  12. Disabled or abandoned vehicles which constitute a traffic or safety hazard are subjected to be towed at the owner’s expense. This also applies to vehicles abandoned on campus for more than 48 hours.
  13. Locating a legal parking space is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator. Lack of a parking space will not be considered a valid excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
  14. Unauthorized persons parking vehicles in “handicapped” spaces are subject to fine and having the vehicle towed away at the owner’s expense. Temporary “handicapped” parking permission may be obtained by contacting the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office.
  15. Regulations concerning loading zones will be enforced at all times.
  16. Motor scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, or bicycles shall be parked in special racks or designated areas only.
  17. All vehicles or operators involved in traffic, parking/non-moving, and decal violations may be ticketed by university police officers. The citation shall show the nature of the violation and the number of the issuing officer. The person to whom the decal is registered will be held responsible for violations. If the violator cannot be identified, then the registered owner will be held responsible.

Possession or Use of a Lost/Stolen Permit

The fine for use of such permits is that of Petty Larceny ($625.00), and parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the permit year at the discretion of the police chief and/or the Parking Appeals Committee.

Payment Procedure

  • All persons receiving SCSU Citations for non-moving violations shall pay such charges in person or by mail to the Cashier’s Office.
    • Unpaid Tickets of $150.00 or more will result in:
    • Withhold parking and Driving privileges on University property.
    • Prevent the person from registering as a student.
    • Withhold delivery of transcripts or degrees.

Automobile Towing

A vehicle may be towed away if it:

  • Have five tickets or fines above $150.00.
  • Is blocking traffic or creating a hazard.
  • Belongs to a person whose on-campus parking privileges have been revoked.
  • Is parked in a designated tow-away zone.
  • Is illegally parked in a handicapped space.
  • Is illegally parked in a reserved space.
  • Is illegally parked in a fire lane or in front of a dumpster.
  • Is apparently abandoned.
  • Is involved in a crime or is potential evidence.
  • Is left unattended due to the arrest of the driver.

Any and all charges against the vehicle must be satisfied prior to releasing the vehicle. Wrecker services removing vehicles from the university are entitled to payment as authorized by South Carolina Statute & Municipal Ordinance and The University Police Department.

Tow Truck will tow at the following fees:

Student Parking Violation:

  • $55.00—7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • $85.00—7:00 pm to 7:00 am

$55.00 and vehicle release form for return of vehicle.
$35.00 Settlement Fee/No Tow, when the truck has been dispatched or is on the scene
$15.00 per day Storage Fee 24 Hours after towing.
(Storage Fee applies after 10 pm daily)
$125.00 in the case of an arrest (DUI, DUS, No Ins., etc.)

Commercial Rate for Non-Student violation or (Arrest)
The “Auto Boot”

The Auto Boot is in use at the university for fines of $120.00. The release cost of the Auto Boot is $75.00.

Campus Traffic Regulations

The university’s speed limit is posted at all main roads. All operators of vehicles are expected to operate vehicles in a responsible manner.

Pedestrian Crosswalks

Pedestrians shall have the right of way at designated crosswalks at all times.


The Parking Ticket Appeals Committee will hear the appeals of employees, students, and visitors. Appeals information is printed on all parking tickets.


Vendors (auditors, sales representatives, service companies or others, etc.) conducting business on campus for a day or a few days, will need to obtain a Vendor’s Permit or Temporary Vendor’s Permit from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office. Please park in spaces marked “Vendor Only”. Employees who have purchased a current decal must qualify for a Vendor’s Parking Permit. The cost is $60. Permits may then be picked up from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office once a receipt is presented.

Designated Parking Spaces:

  • White lines/car stops in “A Lots” indicate on-campus student parking only.
  • White lines/car stops in “B Lots” indicate off-campus student parking only.
  • Orange lines marked “Reserved”, “Permit No.”, or w/no markings in “C Lots” indicate employee parking only.
  • Students parking in employee (faculty/staff) Spaces are allowed between 7:30 pm and 7:30 am, Monday through Thursday, and from 7:30 pm on Friday through 7:30 am Monday morning, provided the vehicle has a current student decal or permit.
  • A son, daughter, or spouse of an employee that is a student will be required to have the appropriate student decal on their vehicle. These students, and all other students, will park only in the designated areas for students Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm.
  • Orange spaces marked “Pick-Up” are for university service vehicles Only.
  • Visitor parking spaces are indicated by the word “Visitor”. Visitors parking on yellow curbs or fire lanes are prohibited.
  • Visitor permits for individuals/groups and temporary permits for students and employees can be obtained from the Parking and Vehicle Registration Office during normal business hours or the University Police Department after hours and on weekends.
  • Organizers of meetings/conferences/workshops/tests on campus must secure permits for visitors in advance of that particular activity.



Department of Public Safety (803) 536-8911 or 536-7188
Health Center (803) 531-7053South Carolina State University
Parking and Vehicle Registration Office
P. O. Box 7516
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29117
Phone: (803) 536-8745 or 533-3907
Fax: (803)536-7163

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